Data & Control

The following services can be provided as standalone facilities or form an individually chosen package.

IT Consulting

Consulting in search for the optimum solution for project implementation as well as optimizing the engines that have already been produced. We dig deep into the key aspects of your existing software and provide smarter solutions of using the well-known traditional SEO optimization.

Next level search engine optimization is provided for all marketing tools and content. Our solution gets smarter by mixed implementation of classic SEO tools.

Our smart tools can optimize your data flow to the most efficient energy use with providing all of the data calculations.

Computer algorithms are services that stand close to AI while granting you the best pre-programmed search tools across the internet. This is what all the ads are based on.

Internet marketing is taken to the higher level with our smart SEO solutions by implementing all of the digital advertising services into one package.

Instead of grabbing the whole package, you can choose one particular service for WEB data tracking and optimization. This is useful for web based businesses.

All-in-one solution provides control system for the implemented tools. Google marketing services mixed with our custom CRM solutions are likeable by content managers.

Machine Learning

With our breakthrough technologies we made machine learning and cognitive computing accessible and potential tool to analyse vast amounts of data. This technology will revolutionize your industry by providing analytical guidance in making key decisions and market moves. These systems are built to store enormous amounts of information, monitor and learn from this information and provide best possible solutions. It will track the best patterns for key moves within your desired areas that are not accessible through traditional means of analytical tools.

AI allows the company to keep track of their data servers’ conditions. It is maintaining all the equipment and regulates the flow of resources in the most efficient way.

Big Data is part of AI which can track, control and evaluate vast amounts of information. This allows another level of in-depth customer or internal employees  analysis.

Chatbots are one of the most popular interactive digital advertising means today. It can grant your customer an even quicker response time to any issue.

Machine learning is part of self-driving cars which concludes evaluation of driver condition and drivig scenario classification.

Machine learning algorithms allow robots to learn independently and respond to people’s needs while increasing human work efficiency.

Military element-resistant robots are capable of handling heavy-lifting related tasks and access places where human could not go. 

Cloud Services

Possibility to increase server capacities quickly from anywhere in the world by buying or renting the licensed cloud-based product. By implementing cloud services, we integrate an effective working tool for all of the inside and outside operations. Having one of our individually adapted systems will ease the internal communication between departments and provide futuristic external tools for your B2C relations.

Cloud centers provide data accessibility all over the world. Store your data online or even work on the programs without installing them into your computer.

Online stored data will always stay there even if the servers would temporary shut-down. No files lost, no extra time wasted.

Cloud service brings decentralization to all the gadgets in the building so that international offices can easily work alongside and track the progress.

Security is another main advantage of this smart tool. All the data stored online is perfectly secured meaning no hack into the system would control everything.

Time consumption and speed of work are key elements in project management. The more qualitative work can be done, the more profit it will bring. We ensure that.

Servers act as the main storage mean of the whole data. That is why companies get their own servers, either on sight or elsewhere plus their maintenance.

3D Scan & Drones

Drones now act as fully functional helpers in various different fields. From surveillance and incident-preventing scans to automated information delivery procedures - the technology is all at your service. They are also used for areal 3D scan in order to make adjustable 3D models from any objects. Now you can digitize any object upon your need.

Special drones will improve the surveillance of the whole settlement of your business buildings. Drones can work autonomously or controlled by security guards.

This drone is caught in action while scanning the environment for the construction company. Analysis of 3D scan is used for all geodesic measurements.

Specific drones are taking quality pictures at all of your business meetings or parties while autonomously flying and tracking people they were told to lock on by a simple app.

Highly customized drone for entertainment purpose. Used by vast corporations they help in product presenting with digital projections.

This drone is one of those meant for heavy package deliveries. Companies use it for B2C deliveries within specified areas as well as small internal deliveries.

Heavy military type of drones. Meant for more than a regular area scan, these machines can take on more complex missions autonomously.