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We offer a wide range of smart integration services for increasing the efficiency of your business.

VR Projects

Our Mission

SMART INTEGRA is a Russian company that finds itself as a pure IT-integrator. The company aims to assist all sorts of businesses within the country and internationally in terms of implementing all the newest smart technologies in order to create ultimately efficient, convenient and most modern atmosphere.

Our Work Process


Systematic study of all the materials and resources significant to qualitative development. We can provide you with a detailed research of carefully chosen smart integrations possible for your business model and expected work environment based on your individual needs.

IT Development

Development of an original software for various businesses according to particular client’s needs. Meaning we can not only provide of what is out there in the market with particular adaptation to your needs, but also develop a suggested IT solution that will only work for you and no one else.

Testing (QA)

Quality assurance of clients’ services with a goal to reveal all the mistakes and check the compliance to the initial technical requirements. We can test your existing solutions, provide detailed analysis of positive and negative points. We will suggest progressive fixes in order for you to actually achieve the results without doubling the investments you already made.


Preserving existing clients’ or our provided services and software while optimizing, updating, refining assets. When we provide our smart solutions to you and successfully implement them in your business, we keep track of the progress and maintain our services to guarantee the best optimal use. In case you need any adjustments, we are ready to make them!


The following services can be provided as standalone facilities or form an individually chosen package.

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We develop and implement virtual reality technologies that will help adjust your business model in a modern and cost-effective way. For this, we use VR training simulators for internal worker-trainings, VR surveillance that grants fully efficient 360 degree surveillance of the territory and other indoor and outdoor VR installments.

We install and produce virtual reality tools that can help promote your products and leave the best impression in an open exhibition.

Virtual rooms can be used as a mean of interaction based online meetings between inside management and outside customers.

Virtual tours can be implemented as a new mean of self-representation for both, business clients and mainstream consumers.

Employee training simulators are used to train employees within various scenarios and environments. All of them are fully customizable and adapt to any training needs.

Сonferences can be held in Virtual reality and connect hundreds of people at once for interactive experience. Presentations are no longer watching at the screen.

Chill zones are necessary in all of the offices to help make working space more friendly and active. Short getaways in different worlds would sure improve the quality of work.

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Digital Signage

Digital signs were part of fantasy films long ago. Now we suggest a more user friendly atmosphere where images, videos, streaming media and text-based information will be projected on modern displays for various different reasons. It can act as emergency evacuation screens with automated estimation of people and most reasonable guidance under emergency situation, but it can provide a clearer model of information flow within the company and outside its borders.

Indoor screens are increasing the information flow within the staff in large companies. Modern business centers use these solutions for nearly every bit of info.

Digital signs work as efficient navigation marks. Whether there is a need for precise truck parking or emergency escape navigation that would work when electricity is down.

Digital signs are here to help you visualize your product and promote it properly in major events.

Digital signs made interactive information available to consumers. It varies from custom stands in presentation shows to simple QR codes for service call.

Buildings that use digital signage solutions can differentiate themselves in a distinctive way with leaving the quality impression and granting modern brand exposures.

Digital is all about screens. Sometimes it is enough for a small and quick implementations in the right spot to make the environment more user friendly.

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Without having to step into the world created by means of computer programs, we provide solutions with adding extra content to our real world. We use augmented reality tools to fasten the processes that require physical human presence and machinery work. On the other hand, these services will also take you to the next level of conference meetings, product presenting and product pitching solutions.

We install solutions that add digital elements to your conference calls, meaning you will be able to clearly see and fully interact with the person anywhere anytime.

Digital boards is a solution that will grant you most modern approach in daily meetings with all of your digital database easily accessible for a detailed show-off.

Job interviews and regular meetings are taken to the next level with smart AR notes. Imagine seeing a virtual CV next to a person and still keeping the eye contact.

We provide numerous AR solutions for more efficient handling of everyday tasks. This example shows the smarter way of measuring spaces for architects.

3D model view solution lets you examine any kind of model right in front of your eyes in an open space together with your colleagues.

Augmented reality solutions can put high fidelity information notes on every good you have in your warehouse therefore help employees to better manage the inventorization.

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Building Automation

We develop and implement smart building management systems in order to create a unique working environment. It enables to control various parts of the interior or exterior structure remotely for the most comfort and efficiency. It also adds supervisory elements and possible data acquisition regarding electricity and any other material consumption of used resources.

Smart air conditioning system automatically determining the temperature and adjusting its levels without sudden changes or unequal cooling.

Our smart sensors automatically detect light levels and adjust the room light. Companies save vast amounts energy in comparison to the ones that do not have this.

Building automation means a full house of applications and installments built in to provide the best efficiency and create ultimately exceptional working conditions.

Cameras are well known security means in offices, but we can incorporate them in our smart solutions while giving them 360 field of view and making them VR compatible.

Smart office systems are easy to control for whoever is doing that – administrator, HR or any other manager. You don’t need specific knowledge to control the whole system.

Reserve meeting rooms or shared cars on the go and let your security take all the most modern means of safety in their hands.

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IT Consulting

Consulting in search for the optimum solution for project implementation as well as optimizing the engines that have already been produced. We dig deep into the key aspects of your existing software and provide smarter solutions of using the well-known traditional SEO optimization.

Next level search engine optimization is provided for all marketing tools and content. Our solution gets smarter by mixed implementation of classic SEO tools.

Our smart tools can optimize your data flow to the most efficient energy use with providing all of the data calculations.

Computer algorithms are services that stand close to AI while granting you the best pre-programmed search tools across the internet. This is what all the ads are based on.

Internet marketing is taken to the higher level with our smart SEO solutions by implementing all of the digital advertising services into one package.

Instead of grabbing the whole package, you can choose one particular service for WEB data tracking and optimization. This is useful for web based businesses.

All-in-one solution provides control system for the implemented tools. Google marketing services mixed with our custom CRM solutions are likeable by content managers.

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Machine Learning

With our breakthrough technologies we made machine learning and cognitive computing accessible and potential tool to analyse vast amounts of data. This technology will revolutionize your industry by providing analytical guidance in making key decisions and market moves. These systems are built to store enormous amounts of information, monitor and learn from this information and provide best possible solutions. It will track the best patterns for key moves within your desired areas that are not accessible through traditional means of analytical tools.

AI allows the company to keep track of their data servers’ conditions. It is maintaining all the equipment and regulates the flow of resources in the most efficient way.

Big Data is part of AI which can track, control and evaluate vast amounts of information. This allows another level of in-depth customer or internal employees  analysis.

Chatbots are one of the most popular interactive digital advertising means today. It can grant your customer an even quicker response time to any issue.

Machine learning is part of self-driving cars which concludes evaluation of driver condition and drivig scenario classification.

Machine learning algorithms allow robots to learn independently and respond to people’s needs while increasing human work efficiency.

Military element-resistant robots are capable of handling heavy-lifting related tasks and access places where human could not go. 

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Cloud Services

Possibility to increase server capacities quickly from anywhere in the world by buying or renting the licensed cloud-based product. By implementing cloud services, we integrate an effective working tool for all of the inside and outside operations. Having one of our individually adapted systems will ease the internal communication between departments and provide futuristic external tools for your B2C relations.

Cloud centers provide data accessibility all over the world. Store your data online or even work on the programs without installing them into your computer.

Online stored data will always stay there even if the servers would temporary shut-down. No files lost, no extra time wasted.

Cloud service brings decentralization to all the gadgets in the building so that international offices can easily work alongside and track the progress.

Security is another main advantage of this smart tool. All the data stored online is perfectly secured meaning no hack into the system would control everything.

Time consumption and speed of work are key elements in project management. The more qualitative work can be done, the more profit it will bring. We ensure that.

Servers act as the main storage mean of the whole data. That is why companies get their own servers, either on sight or elsewhere plus their maintenance.

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3D Scan & Drones

Drones now act as fully functional helpers in various different fields. From surveillance and incident-preventing scans to automated information delivery procedures - the technology is all at your service. They are also used for areal 3D scan in order to make adjustable 3D models from any objects. Now you can digitize any object upon your need.

Special drones will improve the surveillance of the whole settlement of your business buildings. Drones can work autonomously or controlled by security guards.

This drone is caught in action while scanning the environment for the construction company. Analysis of 3D scan is used for all geodesic measurements.

Specific drones are taking quality pictures at all of your business meetings or parties while autonomously flying and tracking people they were told to lock on by a simple app.

Highly customized drone for entertainment purpose. Used by vast corporations they help in product presenting with digital projections.

This drone is one of those meant for heavy package deliveries. Companies use it for B2C deliveries within specified areas as well as small internal deliveries.

Heavy military type of drones. Meant for more than a regular area scan, these machines can take on more complex missions autonomously.


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